What is a social enterprise?

As defined by Social Traders, a social enterprise is a business that has an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission and that uses trade to fulfil that mission.

There are three main types:

  • SEs that generate income and give it away to partner organisations
  • SEs that provide a new service for the community’s benefit
  • SEs that provide employment opportunities for marginalised groups

Though each of these types achieves their goals in different ways, the common theme in each is that disregarding the social impact, each must be a legitimately viable business in their own right. The best social enterprises thrive because they trade great products; they don’t rely on the ‘feel good’ factor to attract their consumers’ business.

SEED’s SE arm dedicates itself to promoting social enterprises on campus, with the aim of broadcasting their stories to the student population. Where possible, we try to bring the social enterprises onto campus to give students greater buying power with their purchases.

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Instead of donating profits away to partner organisations, they focus on using business to train and employ the disadvantaged as well as providing for the community.

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