Why join Monash SEED?

"I joined SEED this year not quite sure what to expect, and found myself working on some of SEED's huge projects both domestically and overseas! Having the chance to be part of a club that creates a real social impact was more than I could have hoped to experience at Monash as a 1st year."

Irene Cam, Vice President

We believe any skill can be used to make a positive social impact! Find a position on our committee that suits you and apply now, or send us an expression of interest to join our team!

All applications close on Sunday, March 10 at 11:59PM

Positions Available

Social Enterprise Branch

Social Enterprise Officer

The Social Enterprise team is responsible for conveying to students the capacity of business to create social and sustainable impact. The manner in which this is delivered, previously has been done through events such as workshops, networking and panel events, and social media engagement. This year we are seeking self-motivated, passionate individuals who are looking for an opportunity to find unique and innovative ways to engage, educate and empower fellow students about social entrepreneurship.

How to apply

Microfinance Branch

Microfinance Officer

The Microfinance Officers will be the driving force of SEED’s Microfinance branch. They will be key players in the organisation of SEED Microfinance initiatives. This includes the Global Microfinance Case Competition (GMCC), Corporate and Social Responsibility Networking Night, the Impact Review Collaboration and other events in conjunction with other clubs at Monash university. Officers will have the opportunity to lead or co-manage an initiative of Microfinance.

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Sponsorship Branch

Assistant Sponsorship Officer

The Assistant Sponsorship officer will be assisting the Director of Sponsorship with creating meaningful relationships with external organisations to ensure sponsorship for SEED’s major events throughout the year.

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Marketing Branch

Marketing Officer

Marketing Officers will play an important role within Monash SEED in providing value to our members, particularly during the times of our various events. Officers will engage with both Social Enterprise and Microfinance teams of SEED on a frequent basis to discuss potential ways to engage members and assist them in creating greater awareness for our events. This includes organizing on-campus events and campaigns, managing various social media channels, writing copy and connecting with other organisations during collaborations. Officers may also be involved in creating content to engage our members on a regular basis. This includes writing weekly newsletters, blogs, and social media posts.

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers will play an important role within Monash SEED in providing value to our members, particularly during the times of our various events. Designers will be responsible for creating graphic and video content to promote our events, and our club as a whole. They will bring creativity, innovation, and professionalism to our marketing team by improving our brand image. Designers will primarily be responsible for creating eye-catching artwork for event banners, social media graphics, presentations and campaign materials. They may also be responsible for attending and capturing our events through photography and videography.

How to apply

Expression of interest

Can't find a suitable position? Still want to be a part of the SEED committee? Send us your resume and cover letter and tell us why you want to join SEED and how you can make an impact!