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Our story so far

The Cambodia Impact Program is a grassroots development project in the rural village of Thnal Dach. The program launches workshops that educate students about micro-finance tailored to local resources and products.

You can be a part of this bi-annual program and experience Cambodia. 

Providing financial education to the community, especially children, is likely to strengthen their understanding of the role of microfinance and assist them better manage their finances – to ultimately break the cycle of poverty

–  Jason Han, Cambodia Travelling Team Member


How you can help

You can generate change through leading and designing hands-on educational workshops about financial and micro-finance skills.

You can empower Cambodian primary and secondary school students through implementing educational programs about micro-finance.

You can help improve the socio-economic conditions and livelihoods of students thousands of kilometers outside of your community.


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How we are doing so far



The Cambodia Impact Trip Team have wrapped up their January trip in Thnal Dach. Verity & Rosie have been working with local leader Hak to conduct English lessons for all the children in the village.


We have seen some great improvements in the English literacy of the children and they are all so eager to learn as much as they can. Sarah & Kirsty have been working on developing Hak’s business to encourage more volunteers to visit Thnal Dak to help the children learn English and to maintain Hak’s livelihood. There has also been some research conducted into the attitudes towards education in the village, largely focusing on parents.


There will be lots of work to be done once everyone returns to Monash but all team members have enjoyed the cultural experience of the homestay with Hak and his family, especially the delicious food that they get every day!




Over the past semester, the Cambodia Team have gained a deeper understanding of SEED’s involvement in Thnal Dach and their vision for January’s trip. This work initially involved research on similar English volunteering programs and constructing an annotated bibliography on key findings. We’d also like to extend a thank you to guest speakers Bruce and Sean, for their insights and sharing their experiences with the team.


We now have two sub-teams, Education and Business Development. Lessons will focus on speaking, writing and listening, with themes including the alphabet, numbers, personal identity, feelings/emotions and money. Our Education team is endeavouring to make these sessions as interactive and inclusive as possible, while also conducting research on both parental and student attitudes to education in the village.


On the Business Development front, the team is working on ensuring the sustainability of Hak’s English teaching program and looking at ways to increase volunteer numbers. A range of new advertising and pricing strategies have been developed, as well as plans to collate more data from volunteers to enable continuous improvement.


A fundraiser event is also in the works for November to fund the required resources for this program. Stay tuned for more information.