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Incubator is Monash SEED’s flagship program, which introduces students to the skills needed to create their own social enterprises.


Here at Monash SEED, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to address the world’s great problems. Our vision is simple:

To create social impact and economic opportunity by enabling student-led social enterprise.

The 2018 Incubator Program will differ from previous years because it will target applicants who have already-formed social enterprise ideas, but also those who are passionate about creating positive social or environmental impact through business, but don’t have yet a fully-established idea. In this way, we hope to make the program more accessible, and open it up to a wider pool of talented, driven applicants.

Program Features

What does the program involve?

Build your skills – participate in weekend intensive workshops over a 6-week program commencing Saturday 4th August

Be immersed – gain the opportunity to network with Monash SEED members and alumni, and be mentored by industry professionals and impact investors.

Gain recognition – at the end of the program, you’ll have the chance to pitch your idea to a panel of impact investors, industry professionals and academics on Tuesday 25th September.

Win $1000 and a dinner  – the winning team will score $1000 cash prize and a private dinner with social impact luminaries

Why Apply?

By the end of the incubator, you’ll have:

Developed a sustainable business model

Developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and have evidence of traction for your idea

Greatly strengthened and expanded your professional networks

Developed and strengthened your entrepreneurial skills and gained further Insight into your chosen area of impact

Incubator Timeline

27 July – 25th September


Applications open


Applications close at 11:59PM


Applications close at 11:59PM


Notification of success


Program Induction


Workshops commence


Pitch night


Frequently Asked Questions

How much commitment is required?

  • Applicants must be able to attend the following workshops.  For those applying in a team, at least one team member must be available for each workshop.
    • Saturday 4th August 1-4pm
    • Saturday 11th August 1-4pm
    • Saturday 18th August 1-4pm
    • Saturday 25th August 1-4pm
    • Saturday 8th September 10am-1pm
    • Saturday 15th September 10am-1pm
  • Applicants must also be able to commit to pitching at Pitch Night, on the evening of Tuesday 25th September.

Is there a particular theme to be addressed?

  • Nope! Any social enterprise idea is acceptable (and encouraged!) so long as it aims to empower communities either at Monash or beyond, create positive impact, advocate for social change and all the while being financially sustainable

Can I apply alone?

  • Yes! You can apply as an individual, an individual looking to team up with our applicants, or as part of a team.

Is Incubator for me?

  • You enjoy challenges, problem solving and working on real world issues
  • You have an inspiring vision to share
  • You have a business idea but have no idea where to start
  • You are motivated and passionate about your idea
  • You are looking to meet other like-minded students
  • You want to see how your degree can translate into a career and meet those on that trajectory or industry professionals

Terms and Conditions

What are the requirements?

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants eligibility:
    1. Must be a student currently studying at an Australian University
    2. Must be committed to creating a positive impact through business.
      1. You may already have a specific social enterprise idea or may be looking to be immersed in social enterprises and start-up knowledge and concepts in order to formulate and action a social enterprise idea.
    3. Must be fully committed and available throughout the entire program (Saturday 4th August to Tuesday 25th September).
      1. Workshops will be three-hour sessions commencing on Saturday the 4th August to the 15th September 2018 at the Foundation For Young Australians (FYA) Hub.
  2. SEED Involvement:
    1. SEED is responsible for organising and facilitating a safe, productive and effective Incubator Program
    2. SEED committee members will be present at all Incubator events (Workshops and Pitch Night)
    3. Teams will have a SEED contact member for the duration of the program who can be reached for general communication of both the Incubator program and SEED in general
    4. It is solely up to teams to come prepared for Workshops, however SEED will act as channel of communication between Workshop mentors and participants
    5. At the end of the Incubator Program, SEED will facilitate connection between the winning team and the prize institution/organisation
    6. After the program,, formal involvement from SEED in teams’ business plans will cease
    7. SEED may contact participating groups (particularly the winning team) for formal club reporting/administration and/or future publicity
  3. Image Release:
    1. During the course of the Incubator Program, SEED may take publicity photographs and/or video footage of participants
    2. This content may be used on on our social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram)  This content may also be used in our email newsletter the ‘SEED Feed’
    3. Accompanying media will be summary information given about groups – limited to names, business idea and caption relating to workshop material
    4. The purpose of this media is to to update the wider SEED community about the program and engage students in SEED’s activities (as well as celebrate your wins!)
    5. Teams can notify SEED officers if they wish to have certain information or images withheld.
  4. Attendance:
    1. It is expected that at least one team member will be present at every workshop
    2. It is expected that all teams will be present and present at the final Pitch Night
    3. If an individual member is unable to attend, notification must be sent to corresponding SEED contact member
    4. The Incubator Program is largely dependent on participant input – the more you put in the more you will get out of it!
    5. This may mean that you are expected to prepare and conduct activities outside of workshop time
  5. Release from Liability:
    1. SEED will not be liable for any loss team members suffer by participating in the program. As a condition of participating in the program, team members release SEED from all liability.
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