A Social Enterprise Tour of Europe

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Thinking of doing (or redoing) your own EuroTrip after seeing everyone else’s on News Feed? Why not try out some of these social enterprise eateries during your trip? Just like here in Melbourne, there has been a boom in cafés with a purpose emerging throughout European cities. From London to Berlin your coffee can help create change […]

What is Social Enterprise?

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You may be wondering what social enterprises are and here at SEED, we want to help you out. A social enterprise is a financially sustainable business that, instead of using profits for financial gain, exists to benefit the wider community. Social enterprises sell goods or services and reinvest the profits into different causes ranging from […]

Say Hello to the SEED Feed!

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To all SEED members, What’s this? Why are there extra links which you have never seen before? Fear not, this is not a bug! We have just released our new blog, the SEED Feed. The SEED Feed is where our latest articles about the club’s two focus, social entrepreneurship and microfinance, are going to be posted. The […]