Interest Rate Cap: Who Wins?

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The microfinance industry has been booming in Cambodia in recent years, helping to provide low-income citizens with access to finance, and with the ultimate objective being poverty alleviation. This cause, however, has been met with some criticism. At the National Summit on the Development of the Microfinance Sector in Cambodia last year, Cambodia’s Prime Minister […]

Microcredit: An Ending Saga Or An Ongoing Prospect?

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It was Muhammad Yunus’ vision of “Eliminating Poverty through Social Business” (Grameen, 2017) which won him the esteemed Noble Peace Prize in 2006. Yet, while Microfinance has been frequently termed the “silver bullet” to fight poverty in the 20th century, this concept has not been received without much skepticism and controversy in recent years. Ha-Joon […]

Does Size Matter in the Finance World?

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Following the introduction of the Bretton Woods system, a monetary management system which sees large amounts of funds transferred to developing countries, money has become the most well-known model for international development. This system was implemented just after the Second World War, when huge flows of money were used to rebuild the war-ravaged economies of […]

What is Microfinance?

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Does the name Muhammad Yunus ring a bell? If not, it will by the end of your year as a SEED member. Being a club that engages with ideas of socio-economic development, Muhammad Yunus and his work in the field is something we constantly make reference to! Muhammad Yunus is the founder of Microfinance and […]

Say Hello to the SEED Feed!

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To all SEED members, What’s this? Why are there extra links which you have never seen before? Fear not, this is not a bug! We have just released our new blog, the SEED Feed. The SEED Feed is where our latest articles about the club’s two focus, social entrepreneurship and microfinance, are going to be posted. The […]