Networking Night 2019

A highlight of last semester was the amazing 2019 Networking Night, hosted by our Social Enterprise team, which gave students the opportunity to mingle with distinguished, career-driven guests and gain insights about working in impact-driven organisations. We’d like to give a huge thank you to every that attended – it was amazing to see such a huge turn-out from university students around Melbourne passionate about social impact! We couldn’t have asked for more inspiring and thoughtful industry guests either, who kindly shared their stories and advice throughout the night.

The Glasshouse quickly filled with attendees as the night began, with everyone eagerly chatting amongst themselves about their studies, aspirations and careers. The industry guests came from a range of different industries and each had a unique stories to tell about how they drive positive social impact in their careers, as well as how they got to that point! The guests came from amazing organisations including World Vision, Oaktree, Vollie, Arup, PwC, Law Squared, Pollinate Energy, The Humanitarian Advisory Group, Project Lantern and YGAP! It was amazing to engage one-on-one with these industry professionals and hear their stories!

A particular highlight of the night was the captivating panel discussion, which featured Dr Francesca Maclean and Luke Barbagallo from Pollinate Energy! They explored key moments in their social-impact driven careers, and answered questions from the audience. It was particularly great to hear about the inspiring work Dr Francesca Maclean does both personally and at ARUP to push workplace equality in STEM fields. Likewise, it was amazing (and highly encouraging!) to hear Luke’s non-traditional path towards working at Pollinate Energy, and how he was able to figure out how to utilise his skills and career to drive social change!

The rest of the night included great food and fantastic discussion, with ample opportunity to network with the amazing guests of the night.

We are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to host this Networking Night, and it was fantastic to see so many students who aspire to achieve social-change have the opportunity to gain insights from professionals making a difference in their industry.

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