A Social Enterprise Tour of Europe

Thinking of doing (or redoing) your own EuroTrip after seeing everyone else’s on News Feed? Why not try out some of these social enterprise eateries during your trip? Just like here in Melbourne, there has been a boom in cafés with a purpose emerging throughout European cities. From London to Berlin your coffee can help create change […]

Social Enterprise and Fair Trade: Strengths and Challenges.

On April 26th, Monash SEED partnered with VGen Monash (World Vision youth) for an event focused on trade solutions seeking to benefit social justice. With our respective trades of social enterprise and Fair Trade put into the spotlight, the triumphs and challenges of our respective systems became more apparent, and highlighted room for each to […]

What is Social Enterprise?

You may be wondering what social enterprises are and here at SEED, we want to help you out. A social enterprise is a financially sustainable business that, instead of using profits for financial gain, exists to benefit the wider community. Social enterprises sell goods or services and reinvest the profits into different causes ranging from […]

Buy One Give One: Is It The Best Solution?

If we can learn anything from Sassy Socialist Memes, it’s that capitalism as it currently stands is a flawed system – it perpetuates inequality between the countries that make products and the countries that buy products. Solution: For every item of something that is bought, another identical product gets donated to someone around the world. […]

Why Investing In Girls Is The Way Of The Future

Imagine what it’d be like to live in a society where young girls don’t go to school. Maybe school is too expensive, or a four-hour long walk away. Or maybe these girls don’t have access to sanitary pads, and refuse to go to school to hide their embarrassment. This is the harsh reality for more […]


Instead of donating profits away to partner organisations, they focus on using business to train and employ the disadvantaged as well as providing for the community.


Inspired by working at Vietnamese Social Enterprise KOTO, STREAT’s founders Rebecca and Kate decided in 2008 to trial a street-style cafe in Melbourne.


We are so excited to announce Monash SEED’s first Social Enterprise of the Week for 2015! One Night Stand is an Australian based sleepwear brand, distributing 100% of its profits to organisations that help address the issues of homelessness. One Night Stand exists to create awesome sleepwear while supporting young people sleeping rough. Every time you make […]