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Shara Lim

Director of Social Enterprise

Zoe Kerwin


Darren Rajit

Director of Microfinance

Nicole Tjahja


Sarah Adlawan

Director of Marketing

Rachel Smith


Irene Cam

Director of Sponsorship

Ayushi Panjwani

From the President and Vice President

What’s the day in the life of the President and Vice-President of SEED?


Besides punning a bit too much, our goal is to ensure SEED is achieving everything we want it to. Like a gardener we would like to tend to our club to make sure it flourishes.


This comes in many different forms; from planning events like trivia nights to liaising with members of the development community. As a whole we make sure that everything we do needs to aligns with our visions and values. You can find out about some of our values here.


We aim to act as facilitators; for questions and discussions surrounding social impact. Our goal is to educate our members about Microfinance and Social Enterprise, and equip them with the skills to create empowerment through economic means.


We hope to be just one part of your journey towards creating social change, and to assist our committee and members in making an impact.


If you have any questions, compliments or concerns about our roles then please feel free to email either of us at president@monashseed.org or vice-president@monashseed.org.


Jane Shaw & Hayden Choi
President & Vice-President of Monash SEED