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SEED (“Socio-Economic Engagement & Development”) is a Monash University club that aims to create impact through microfinance and social enterprise. You can find us on the Monash University Clayton campus where we often run fun and engaging events to educate and encourage students in Microfinance and Social Enterprise.

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President’s Welcome


Welcome to the SEED community! It’s truly lovely to have you. 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us, as we strategise and plan initiatives that will help empower, engage and equip anyone looking to make social impact.


SEED began in 2012 with a group of students who wished to establish a community that was conscious of the world around them. Students who felt compelled to create meaningful change, and empower those at Monash and beyond. Thanks to the resolve of various SEED members, it has now flourished, and we are grateful to be the largest social welfare club on campus.


While we’re proud of all we have achieved, it would be un-SEED like to sit back on our laurels. This year, we hope to engage our community more than ever before. To us, this means inspiring our members to believe in their own vision for social impact, and using the skills they learn at university to go out and create positive change. At Monash, we hope to create a strong community of like-minded individuals who can support each other in meaningful pursuits. We believe the world in general could benefit from more empathetic young humans with a strong sense of purpose.


The initiatives we’re currently working on range from panel events, to networking nights, to interactive workshops designed to put students at the steering wheel of positive change. At the heart of SEED’s activities, we have our international impact trip to Fiji alongside our domestic projects and our flagship social enterprise development program, Incubator.


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Shara Lim, President

Our Impact to date

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Our Values


We evaluate before we act.


Forget the sky. There is no limit.


We believe everyone has untapped potential.


Add music and razor-sharp banter for optimum results.


Every idea deserves to be explored.


Our cause is greater than any one individual.


Our discourse is underpinned by holistic understanding.


Respect the thoughts and values of all those around us.